Czech Nymphing Masterclass June 2010

with Jíri Klíma

Why must I attend this masterclass?

I want to become a better flyfisherman
I want to read the river better
I want to learn fishing with a nymph because I heard it is far more effective than fishing with the dry fly
I want to catch fish in the hours when the fish is not rising to my dry fly
I want to know more about the flyfishing conditions in a country where I have never been fishing before
I want to improve my results when I am attending championships as a competitive flyfisher
I want to have a relaxed fishing holiday where everything is arranged: licences, guides, full board accommodation and good company of fellow flyfishers
I want to have the opportunity to learn the most effective flyfishing technique (Czech Nymphing) from one of the best flyfishers in the world and to meet this man: mr. Jiri Klima

Take up this challenge and attend the masterclass with Jíři Klíma.
Jíři, since 1993 coach of the Czech Flyfishing team, won already four times the world title. He is now known as “the River God” (so called by Charles Jardine) because of his worldwide reputation as one of the best readers of a stream, together with Roman Moser and Oliver Edwards

The Czech Nymphing Masterclass was originated by the Dutchman Robert Borrenbergs in 2003 and is now imitated by others. What better compliment could you ask?
Participants say it is perfectly organized, it has one of the best flyfishers as the master tuitor and the participants will fish in the best rivers of Bohemia with plenty of fish: grayling, brown trout and rainbow trout.See for example the testimonial of mr. Todd Oishi, the number one, Gold Medallist in Canada: or

(Czech) Nymphing with a # 2 rod
In June 2009 the last Czech Nymphing Masterclass took place with participants attended from five different countries.
The Master Class in June 2007 was even attended by the Australian flyfishing team that right after the masterclass travelled to Finland for the World Flyfishing Championships. In these championships Australia booked their best result ever: the 9th place among 22 national teams with absolute the best flyfishers in the world! The manager of the Australian team mr. Brian McCullagh said that the Czech Nymphing Masterclass, with the tuition from the master Jiri Klima, was decisive.
It was evident for every participant that Jíři turned every participant into a complete flyfisher, the way only Jíři Klíma can do it. He is world class.Jíři not only teach Czech Nymphing, but also the newest techniques in upstream and downstream nymphing with very light nymphs by using a line 2 rod!! The results are amazing.

Location and costs

With the Czech Nymphing Masterclass you will receive a perfect holiday with a lot of fishing and an improvement of your flyfishing skills with the exclusive tuition from Jiri Klima.
The Masterclass will be held in the south of Bohemia where we will fish in the famous salmonid river called Vltava also known as the Moldau which runs eventually through the city of Prague.

The price for this unique event is € 570,-:
These costs include:
- 6 overnight stays and 5 days fishing
- Full board accommodation (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
- Fishing licenses
- Instruction (fly-fishing ánd fly-tying) from Jíři Klíma

Arrival: Thursday June 3rd 2010
Departure: Wednesday June 9th 2010

If you are interested in attending the next Czech Nymphing Masterclass,
please sent an e-mail to Mr. Robert Borrenbergs and he will contact you for more details.

Tight Lines,
Robert Borrenbergs
Organization Czech Nymphing Masterclass

P.S. Mr Karel Krivanec (friend of mine and writer of the topselling book "Czech Nymphs") will take over the organization of the Czech Nymphing Masterclass. Robert Borrenbergs will continue doing the promotion work.

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